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It's a very smooth running and simply designed game. The instructions are very straightforward and clear, and pretty fun to play for a while.


Lvl 01 finished in 3m and 42s!
Lvl 02 finished in 2m and 3s!
Lvl 03 finished in 3m and 17s!
Lvl 04 finished in 4m and 21s!
Lvl 05 finished in 3m and 4s!
Lvl 06 finished in 3m and 49s!
Lvl 07 finished in 8m and 32s!
Lvl 08 finished in 7m and 21s!
Lvl 09 finished in 6m and 44s!
Lvl 10 finished in 4m and 42s!
Lvl 11 finished in 5m and 56s!
Lvl 12 finished in 10m and 4s!

You have completed the game on normal in 63m and 34s!

dude, that was an incredibly nice game to play! You have some intense soundtrack there. Nice choice! As well, the animation was smooth. One thing about rts games is that normally the ability to directly control a unit as if it were a fighting game is rare! The beggining cutscene was also quite epic and shed some light on the stick war universe you created. This was very unique and had some epic strategy to it! Thanks for making it, I'm glad you made it man!
Nice work!

KICK'ed @$$!!!!

Nice work man! You've got a great sence of humour, and the beautifully drawn and animated anime just adds to the experience! I like the multiple sword choice and magic attacks. I noticed that keeping everything from being overpowered or underpowered must be a very delicate process! In the end, this turned out too be incredible! The minigame is funner than most of the minigames made by even big name companies!

In short, this was totally awesome!!!
Hope to see more!! :D

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Finish the game!!!

-Or i will come to your house!!! No, I'm just kidding. :P
But seriously, it is an epicly sweet game with a super kick-ass combat system. Maybe you should use stat points to make it liklier to do a counter attack. I personally dont mind being interrupted by having so many battles while walking around but it seems that it may put a bit of a snag in the game play quality. Anyhow This is honestly my favourite game on the internet now!

Keep going man! :)

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RockLou responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much. I personally think there are tons of better games on the internet :P

The counter does actually use a stat point which can be increased. It's not used much in the demo though.

Pure Amazement!!

WOW!!! I must say, this is better than any of the 2 dimentional games ever created by nintendo! The zoom feature is great, and i like the FLUDD alot. Being a super mario sunshine enthusiast i must give you some credit there! The gameplay is incredibly smooth and mario's famous 3D world has been wonderfully remastered in only 2D like moves involvong the spinning and the ground pound! I hope nintendo learns something from you, because this is THE prime example of great fanmade games! I can't wait to see what you have in store for NG later on!

Loving it!!

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Lol, addiction

haha, I was hooked for a bit. Hasn't that same ragdoll bubble type thing been used before? Still fun nonetheless. Oh, and what was all that athiest no-religion stuff about?

Doomunit responds:

Yes you have must have played falling girl and I agree the music is weird

Omygosh that IS relaxing!!

Lol, the game play is basic, but dangerously addicting. It suprises me that way. Anyhow, this is a fairly basic game without realy that much stuff in it but nice graphic quality bubbles. It gets boring after a while but that is definateley a soothing game of relaxation :)

Good stuff!


Wow. that is one realy fun game. Mouse avoiders are always a fun genre. The challenge of luring the other dots into your bomb is utterly irresistable. Catchy music, dynamic backgrounds. Overall I am quite impressed.

I love this game!

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Awesomer than "Awesome" Madder than "Maddeness!"

I just love this crazy awesome game! This one was a lot better in terms of control qualtiy compared to the last one. The weapon system works very well and the character creator is excelent! There was a rather good choice of music and it was fun playing it! :)

Luv ur action packed game!

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Simply, LMAO!!!

That I must say was a hilarious movie that you have made! =D (movie /game?) Anyhoo, I feel it is nessasary to congratulate you for making me Laugh My Ass Off. At the begginning I was totally sure that the little guy was going to go on a walk. Perhaps starting a montage or something. Although a second later, he flips the blinds down and starts fappin! LOL The way that the faces were done in this movie were over the top. That and the good timing played an amazing role in the humurous quality! This was made in great humour.

Keep it up! :D

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