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2016-03-31 22:40:18 by SDLS

Well, this page still exists.

A new RPG!

2009-08-19 20:46:05 by SDLS

I'm making an RPG with a friend...yay!

I don't realy feel like making a long newspot now, but thing is were gettting together some basic stuff to make a final fantsy/legend of zelda crossover thing! (in gameplay, we've got our own story and characters and stuff) The first version were making won't realy be in flash, Although were hoping to convert them files! :P So anyhow, Any advise or requests will be totally welcomed! And I'm hoping to have a sort of a gamma version (perhaps delta if we do enouh tests) by Christmas! I'ts a sprite based system of animation. Normally this would be considered quite lazy and skilless right? Well thing is that I am personally drawing each sprite. Pixel by pixel!! :D So yay for effort! Now i just realized that I mentioned this will be a short newspost, which turned into a rather long post so perhaps I should just leave you off with a picture of the main character!


A new RPG!

Back from China!!!

2009-08-03 19:17:25 by SDLS

Short and simply,
It was fun going there and I'm back now. I got a whole lot of free time now so I hope to get involved with some projects here during this month. :D At gthe moment I'm catching up with all my other stuff and updating what needs to be updated.

Will be doing more!!!

To China

2009-07-09 12:35:19 by SDLS

Guess what NG?

On Saturday, I am going off to China with my family and were coming back on August the 1st. Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to log in here too often. Anyhow, if there are any questions for me about China, post them here! I will Also be making a forum topic about it. Take care NG!

To China


2009-07-03 14:03:00 by SDLS

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J-smooth has invited me to voice act for his upcoming flash (wich wasn't named yet) but involves cookies!!! XD Anyhow I gladly agreed to help so expect good stuff. (i hope)

Anyhow, things with zZSpongeFreak26Zz and his flash 101 uses for an I-pod continue to run slowly. Maybe he died?...

And here is some stupid movie I made with a friend just for the lulz!

101 uses for an I-pod is now in action!

2009-07-01 14:05:55 by SDLS

Sweet stuff!!!

As I have mentioned before, this is a project that is being written and organized by zZSpongeFreak26Zz, with me being the voice of the narrator (and a couple other sharacters) , and as it seems, TheFlipEffect as our animator! Although, latley it feels like I'm the one organizing the project. zZSpongeFreak26Zz hasn't been on too much lately (but hey, it's summer right?). So I managed to pull up a bit of a truckload in advertizing the project when TheFlipEffect showed up. I've been working with him before, so it didn't take much convincing to get him to join in! :P So all in all it's a slow yet strong start!

and here`s a fun pic just for the lulz :D

101 uses for an I-pod is now in action!

101 uses for an I-phone

2009-06-28 15:55:36 by SDLS

Its' me again and what i need now is some help.

zZSpongeFreak26Zz is organizing a flash called onehundred and one uses for an I-phone!
I am voice acting for the role of the announcer guy who explains the 101 uses for an I-phone, and what we need now is an animator! We have beed waiting for somebody to show up for a while but nobody has volunteered yet so I we need YOU to help us make a dream come true! Anyone interested in animating for us should speak with zZSpongeFreak26Zz

101 uses for an I-phone

Break it loose!!!

2009-06-20 18:38:41 by SDLS

Awesomeness!!! Toads Adventure 8 is out today!

It was alittle delayed but im glad it came out!. :) This is actually the first flash that i have been apart of so it's quite special. All i realy did was a couple of minor voices like yoshi and that first koopa kid, but it was quite nice! It was fun working with TheFlipEffect and i hope Newgrounds likes it too! :)

What do you think of it?


Toads adventure 8

2009-06-18 21:34:19 by SDLS

Lets make this quick and say..

I T 'S O U T T O M M O R R O W !!!!!!

(cause im apart of it lol)

Toads adventure 8 this week!

2009-06-14 22:23:15 by SDLS

It's coming, and its far better than the previous ones!! with me as yoshi, and a large cast of what I remember as 9 voice actors, with me as yoshi I think it's gonna be quite exciting!!!! the cool part about this is that it's realy rare to find voice acting inside of a sprite animation. Even alvin earthworm (creator of SMBZ) has only began voice acting in his last film SMBZ 7. So I believe this will be quite a treat for all of us! :)

Any questions, ask me here cause I get connected with TheFlipEffect pretty often. (yah, he's the creator of the project)

Take care NG!!

Toads adventure 8 this week!